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  • Is it worth it to be a Vendor?
    Honestly? Yes!!! Last year was so great that we are more than tripling in size. We are anticipating a minimum of 1500 attendees and 80-85 vendors. We are still growing and learning as we go. Your help will be remembered and paid forward. We can't make any guarantees as to how you will do. The majority of our vendors were quite happy with the turn out and sales. Just a reminder that we are tripling in size! so we will most likely have more than 1500 attendees.
  • How many licensed beauty professionals will be there?
    Last year, roughly 65% of our attendees were licensed professionals. We are anticipating 975 professionals. This information is being better tracked this year, so we will be able to provide better numbers next year.
  • What does a 10x10 booth include?
    A 10'x10' space (everything must be contained within this area), one 6' draped table, two chairs, a 8' backdrop, 3' side drapes, one wastebasket. You can obtain electricity, water, plumbing, additional tables, ect., directly from the convention center for an additional fee.
  • Is the deposit refundable?
    The deposit is due upon acceptance of the contract by a UBE representative. As per the contract, all deposits are nonrefundable.
  • How many employees can I bring?
    Each 10x10 booth is allowed 3 employees. A 10x20 can have up to 5.
  • Will lunch be provided to vendors?
    Although it's not in the contract, we want you to have the best experience possible. We are in the process of lining up lunch for the vendors. This might happen in one of the neighboring hotels as the convention has very strict rules, and an exclusive catering company, preventing any outside food or beverage of any kind. With an average price of $25 per person plus various fees, using the convention center catering may exceed our budget for food. We intend to have three 30 min blocks allotted to take a lunch in the nearby hotel. Food will be provided at our expense.
  • Who is allowed at the Expo?
    Everyone! We want a fun and inclusive environment for all individuals. We do have a section only accessible to licensed beauty professionals.
  • Why is there a licensed professionals only area?
    Some companies are only allowed to sell to professional, license holding individuals. Because of this, you will have to show proof that you're a licensed beauty professional. No access will be given without proof. No exceptions.
  • What does a VIP ticket get me?
    A VIP ticket is our top tier ticket. We are working hard to give you the best experience possible. A VIP ticket includes: Access to the general expo and the licensed pro expo (you must be a licensed beauty professional, no exceptions) on both days. Saturday you get to enjoy the venue with less of a crowd. VIPs will have access starting at 9:00am. General admission is 10:00am. Access to the VIP lounge located above the expo hall with a view of everything going on. There will be snacks, and drinks provided for your enjoyment. A VIP backpack filled with all kinds of goodies. You read that right! A backpack, not a tote bag. A private raffle for VIPs
  • When is UBE23, and where is it located?
    This year the UBE23 will be held at the Dixie convention center in St. George Ut. It takes place on June 2nd & 3rd 2023.
  • Why St. George?
    We have put a lot of thought into this. St. George is not only beautiful and worth visiting. General costs here are relatively cheap compared to Salt Lake City or Las Vegas. That means whatever you do the weekend you are here, it's going to be cheaper on average. It also provides us the opportunity charge our vendors less and provide more give aways/prizes. There will always be a UBE event held in St. George, yearly. However, we do plan to expand to Salt Lake when the time is right.
  • Can I bring kids?
    Yes! You are welcome to bring anyone and everyone! Regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ect. Everyone is beautiful and deserves to come. Children over the age of 5 will need to purchase a ticket. No children will be permitted into the licensed professionals expo.
  • Is outside food allowed?
    Unfortunately the Dixie convention center has an exclusive contract with Heritage Catering company. Heritage has elected to ban any and all outside food from being brought into the Dixie convention center. Outside food or beverages will not be permitted. We will have a list of local restaurants as well as some coupons provided so you can get lunch and return to the fun!
  • I forgot my ticket the day of the event! Do I have to buy another one?
    No, that's just silly. Just show us your ID and tell us your email address and we can confirm your ticket at the door.
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